TechIreland | Blog | The Funding Review 2017

Happy New Year everyone, and why does every day in January always feel like a Monday?

Moving on, we’re excited to announce the release today of our Funding Review 2017, the first of three Reviews that make up our State of the Innovation Nation 2017.

This Funding Review mines TechIreland’s own data and the data published by the IVCA Q1-Q3 and gives it context: the sectors and emerging tech domains that got funded, the female founders and brand new companies that also did. It’s free and packed with interesting perspectives. We’re also offering a companion spreadsheet for a fee, for those in search of a more immersive company by company, funding round by funding round, experience.

Every time we look at this data we come up with new ideas for slicing and dicing it, and we know that time will allow us to build on this base, go deeper and get smarter.

If TechIreland achieved one thing in 2017 it was to arrive at really good data, and by publishing it now and employing Intercom’s “ship to learn” maxim, we’ll soon take it from really good to great.

2018 for TechIreland will be all about clusters and using data to connect the dots between people and companies here and internationally, but more on that later. Right now we’re still focused on 2017, the Sector Review we’re publishing next week, and the Regions Review we’re publishing soon after that.

The data in the Funding Review shows how HealthTech received over 30% of the total funding in 2017 followed by other traditionally strong sectors like Fintech and TelecomTech. But it also shows the growth of funding in younger sectors like GreenTech/Energy and in emerging domains like Artificial Intelligence and IOT. We’ll be talking much more about the headline companies of 2017 in the Sector Review next week.

The data also proves to us all that BFF (Brilliant Female Founder) funding is still in its infancy in Ireland, despite an abundance of blisteringly good companies. Q4 did finish on a high note for female founders though - slide 12 of the Review can tell you more about that.

People, the moment has come to download the deck. And don’t forget, this is ship-to-learn time for us so shout where you see room for improvement. It’s always there.

Niamh Bushnell

Published: January 11, 2018