TechIreland | Blog | See you there in May

TechIreland, as we know it and love it, is one year old this week, and while the first twelve months was all about gathering and validating data around Irish innovation - a wholeheartedly nerdy mission that will continue to define us - year two is also about driving more community based projects. Our community work started with Innovation Nation, our coffee table book now on its second print run, followed by the launch of the €100M Campaign, a year long exercise in tracking, understanding and celebrating female founder funding.

Another example of TechIreland getting stuck into community this year is our partnership with FutureScope, the Dublin BIC conference that’s happening for the 7th year in a row on May 31st here in Dublin.

I love it when founders and entrepreneurs drop out of the networking and conference circuit to dive head first into building products and closing deals. I also know that the smartest and most discerning startups continue to seek out new conversations and perspectives, and use all-in occasions like FutureScope to cross a range of important local conversations with multinationals, investors, research centers and other founders, off their to-do lists.

For this year’s conference, TechIreland is helping identify the most innovative Irish startups to participate free of charge in the invite only exhibition area. We’re also offering Irish startups a discounted ticket to FutureScope and will be emailing all of the companies we’re tracking with this offer very shortly.

The Innovation Nation 2018 book may be running out the door but we’ll hold back a few copies for FutureScope. So if by May 31st you still don’t have your copy you might be lucky enough to pick up one of the last copies at the TechIreland stand.

See you there in May:)

Niamh Bushnell

Published: April 5, 2018