We’re Making a List

We’re Checking it 20 Times…

That’s right people, TechIreland is about to solve your Christmas gift dilemmas with our first ever Santa list. Search keyword “Santa List” on TechIreland, or just scroll below for a sample of the many ready-to-buy innovative gifts we love from Irish companies. Here goes:

Dr. Coy’s Health Foods: Food! Yummy, healthy food.

Smartfrog: Home security and more.

FoodMarble: A great food/digestion/health tool.

Izzy Wheels: Wheelchair accessories too cool to for one short description.

Run Angel: The female runner in your midst might want this.

Climote: Remote control for your home heating.

Cognikids: For those that crawl, dip, grip and sip (yes, babies).

3D4Medical: Insanely cool 3D apps for medical, health, dancing, yoga. Everything really.

Funked Up: It’s simple, I want one of these bicycles.

Drop Kitchen: For loved ones who love kitchens and cooking.

LumaFit: The interactive fitness coach.

Contego Sports: The rugby head guard we’ve all been waiting for.

TeddyBots: Robot shaped soft toys. Gift it, don’t keep it.

InsulCheck: Smart insulin pen.

Obeo: The nifty green stocking filler.

BionicGym: Could be the wow gift of the year.

CleverBooks: Augmented Reality for kids, check out the Fun Store.

usheru: To power that cinema focused New Year’s resolution.

iameco: Eco-friendly computers made in Ireland? Yes Missus.

Game Golf: Helps your golfer with their game (Obama’s a customer).

InvizBox: Online privacy and security in one gift.

Yvolution: Too-cool-for-school ride ons, balance bikes, flikers and scooters.

Ding: Top-up mobile credit for your loved ones overseas.

Restored Hearing: Tinnitus fears this gift.

Beats Medical: Smartphone therapy for Parkinson’s disease.

My Shining Armour: That always perfect gift: fashion accessories.

Writing for Tiny: Custom built books for kids.

Oodlique: The place to go for personalised gifts.

So that’s just a sampling of the 400+ innovative consumer products we’re tracking on TechIreland that could make great gifts. Check’em all out here. If we’ve missed your great gift email us on

Have fun giving Irish this Christmas.

Niamh Bushnell

Published: November 30, 2017