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Four or five weeks ago I read the news about Phorest’s €20M funding round. You probably read it too.

Phorest is a salon management software used by thousands of beauty salons and millions of customers around the world. I’ve talked and interviewed Phorest CEO and Founder Ronan Perceval many times before. He’s also one of the startup leaders here in Ireland that I regularly reach out to for advice and feedback on my own work, in the Commissioner role and more recently with TechIreland. Phorest was also an early sponsor of TechIreland.

Ronan has written and talked a lot about the value of bootstrapping, and about building companies that last for decades, so I was excited to sit down with him last week and hear about this new phase in Phorest’s development, including the story behind this impressive new funding round.

For our full and expansive conversation listen to the 36-minute podcast here. Meantime, below are some key paraphrased takeaways from yours truly. Thanks for reading, Niamh

The Back Story:

The Phorest philosophy:

The how and why of the €20M funding:

The company’s vision then and now:

The evergreen message:

It really appeals to people who’ve worked in startups that have blown up really fast with loads of funding and then gone sideways. It also appeals to companies who are having trouble with investors. People who’ve been in it really relate to it but others who haven’t don’t get it as much.

Perspectives for young companies:

Aspirational 2030 headline for Phorest?

2030 Aspiration for Ireland?

Thanks for reading, Niamh Bushnell

Published: August 2, 2018