TechIreland | Blog | Our Christmas Celebration

Last night we celebrated our first TechIreland Christmas party.

We took a room in a restaurant on the quays from where we could see the Ha’penny bridge and the Christmas lights up and down the Liffey. All around us was Dublin at its Christmas best.

Our Limerick based colleague Brian couldn’t make dinner, and distance precluded two others from joining us, so we ended up a neat crew of seven.

One of the team has suffered a family bereavement recently, another is getting married, and there was no shortage of other family and personal stories to share. During the evening we raised a toast to each member of the team for the same and for different reasons. TechIreland relies so much on the contributions of each team member that recognizing them individually was important and the startup equivalent of life affirming for us all.

Before dessert we took out a white board and markers and talked for the first time about the values we wanted to espouse in our organisation, and how as a team we can be effective at communication and collaboration.

Respect was one of the key values proposed, agility another, supportiveness a third. We’d agreed nine in total by the time we were finished. Last but not least was “celebration” suggested by Ellie. That one prompted another toast.

And so finished the evening as positive, if not quite as coherent, as it started.

As goes the team so goes the company. And while TechIreland has some very exciting strategic plans for 2018 none of them can be achieved without building a community of colleagues. Last night we signed up again for that community, and each in our own way, shared how proud and excited we are to help bring those plans to fruition, along with our advisers, sponsors and supporters around the country.

Niamh Bushnell

Published: December 7, 2017