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You know when something is so obvious to you that you’re lost for words when asked to explain it to others? At times like these a patient explanation – or perhaps a well designed visual - can be the most effective.

Media sees obvious value in the work we’re doing at TechIreland.
Tech multinationals across the country do too.
The Central Bank was our first data client. Then came the IDA, EI, the DFA and ISIF.

All kinds of organisations are paying for our insights, or taking advantage of our free “discover and connect” services.

For Irish startups, live profiles and connections - those “request intro” buttons on profiles - will always be valuable and free of charge.
Through a series of newly designed visuals, we’re also hoping to make them more obvious…

How did we do? Let us know, and thank you.
Niamh Bushnell

Published: May 31, 2018