TechIreland | Blog | Announcing TechIreland’s €100M Campaign

As regular readers of this weekly blog know, TechIreland is a unique data service building a data driven story of innovation activity in Ireland. Today, March 8th 2018, we’re launching our first ever year long campaign called the €100M Campaign. So, what is it and what happened to prompt it? Well, here’s the story:

The team here at the office were bandying around some ideas about what we could do to mark International Women’s Day in a meaningful way. We filled up our Slack channel with thoughts of twitter lists and blog posts and messaging of all kinds, until people’s eyes came to rest on our €79.4M female funding figure for 2017. What an un-round number and how far removed it was from the €580M we’d tracked in funding in total.

The next step seemed obvious - let’s set a goal to reach €100M in 2018, and given that TechIreland is uniquely positioned to track and measure companies and funding, and that we’ve already built great relationships with the ecosystem and many female founders, let’s also lead off the charge.

But this campaign is about much more than leveraging a data driven capability we have, it’s about TechIreland tracking innovative female founders and playing our part to promote more seats at the funding table for them.

This campaign is also not just about the funding itself, it’s about encouraging women to seek co-founder roles in early stage companies. It’s about encouraging more women to set up their own companies. And it’s about supporting them well beyond the point when they feel confident enough to declare their out-sized funding and business ambitions.

TechIreland will apply our platform, research and data science processes to helping all ecosystem players in Ireland to measure their impact on female funding, and double down on the €100M target. We’ll also leverage our platform and data to introduce female founders to each other. And - credit goes to Ciara Clancy from Beats Medical for this one - we’ll also be inviting female founders to join a private database we’ll maintain where they can share their funding ambitions for 2018 and encourage each other to reach, increase and overachieve on their goals. Aggregate figures from this privately managed database will help us count down to our ambitious €100M Campaign target.

I want to finish by saying that I’ve been thrilled and so thankful for the support that has been pledged to this Campaign from so many sides - VCs and angels, female founders themselves, hubs throughout the country and TechIreland’s strong and insightful board.

Thank you all and let the work to €100M begin.

Niamh Bushnell

Published: March 7, 2018